SEEING IS BELIEVING: Handicams Human Rights and the News
A One-Hour Documentary

An important step towards understanding and curing the world’s ills is bearing witness, and in the decade since an amateur videographer in Los Angeles recorded the Rodney King beating, the use of handicams to record events around the world has skyrocketed. With SEEING IS BELIEVING, filmmakers Cizek and Wintonick have come together to witness the witnesses.
The film explores the political and social consequences of handicams and new communications technologies being used by human rights activists, war crimes investigators, rightwing hate groups and ordinary citizens. Along the way, several key questions are raised, including: Does the presence of a video camera help save lives or rather increase the danger to those being threatened? What will be the impact of this proliferation of personal video cameras? How will it affect privacy? SEEING IS BELIEVING raises many questions; it may be for us to answer them.