Augmenting Internal IT with Managed Services – A Winning Combination!

Do you fear of losing control over your business? Often, this fear holds back many businesses to take the help of external Managed IT Service Providers? Organization fears that if they rely on a managed IT services company for handling their IT issues, their position might get weakened.

As a matter of fact, boosting the skills of the internal IT teams can prove to be highly advantageous. With the necessary training, IT staff can work better. They can make necessary in the IT infrastructure which would be good for the business.

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Reasons to Hesitate

Studies have shown that the IT leaders dither from taking the help of external IT staff is because of the following reasons. They are:

  • Give access to proprietary IT processes, code or procedures to the outside world.
  • Having a third-party to assess and expose the weak areas of the IT operation.
  • Outside firm might come and make the thing worse.
  • Hiring a managed IT services company can lead to losing budget, headcount, or both.
  • The results provided by the partner can be disappointing.

Reality is that none of these can be a threat if a business is strategic and selective about their outsourcing.  They should look out for a trusted partner who can understand the needs and fears of the business and address them accordingly.

In fact, taking the help of other resources can be very cost-effective. Apart from improving the productivity, it can help to manage IT in an improved way.

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Supplementing the IT Staff

When internal IT is boosted with external resources, it can help in areas like project management, infrastructure, strategic planning, etc. Any specialized managed IT services company can meet the needs at any given time. For instance:

  • Provide technical staff on a pay-per-use model for the project.
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise which may not be present with the in-house staff.
  • Solution or ongoing technology management.

At the same time, augmenting the internal IT with MSP allows the in-house team to focus on core business functions. It can be said that taking the help of outside sources or MSP can be perfect when one needs to use the time and skills for other job. Also, if investing in new tools is of no value, then going for a managed IT services company is ideal. Furthermore, assistance of external IT team can aid in employee retention as it would allow employee to focus on the job they are expert.

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By augmenting the internal IT staff with the help of an MSP, the advantages that can be achieved are:

  • Service and support cost gets reduced.

  • Robust technology and IT infrastructure can be accessed.

  • Increases productivity as business process can be streamlined.

  • Take advantage of industry best practices.


Want to get rid of the IT functions?  Want to augment your internal staff? Just take the help of a managed IT services company. Being experts they can easily fill the gaps and meet the challenges. However, make sure the partner is assiduous in their task and provide perfect solution for the business.

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