Information about Software Updates That Every Apple Users Should Know

There is no doubt that getting a software update is always a great idea. Most of us use a lot of software on our iPhone or the MacBook these days. Getting the updates on those applications as well as the operating system often remedy security issues, and protect us from potential threats.

According to the technicians at the MacBook repair shop, the updates can also improve performance, introduce new features and fix bugs. All of these are good for you as well as your system. Want to know how you can do that like a professional? Check the following section of this article.

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Getting software Updates in iOS

There are several ways to get software updates on iOS. You can check on the app updates on the App Store and the operating system updates on the settings application. To check whether you have got any updates in the App Store, you have to open the app and tap on the Updates tab. Once you see any available updates, you need to tap on the update app button. This will help you to update all your applications at the same time. You can also choose the update button just by the side of the applications to update a single application.

According to the technicians of MacBook repair shop, you can easily choose the Automatically Download the Apps Updates button. In this way, you don’t have to worry about doing the updates manually. Just visit the iTunes and App Stores section in the settings and find the automatic download section. Click on that and toggle the updates on.

To automatically update the iOS operating system, you should go to the Automatic updates option in the General section under the Settings app. There you can see that this type of update will only take place during the night when your iOS system is connected with a charger and a Wi-fi. Note that your iOS device will get a restart each time the operating system gets an update.

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Getting Software Updates on macOS

The update deliveries of the macOS are similar to the iOS updates if you get most of the applications from the app store. However, for the applications that you have not purchased on the app store, the method for checking updates can vary.

There is often a check update option available under the name menu of the application. Sometimes the updates come under the name of the applications as well. While some apps have their own update app, others use a framework like the Sparkle.

According to the technicians of MacBook repair shop, in some cases, the application will check for updates themselves and tell you to visit the website of the developer to find the latest version of the application.

To update the macOS, you should visit the software update section under the system preference, and check on the Automatically Keep My Mac up to Date Box. The update options of macOS are more granular than iOS. If you click on the advanced box, you will get to see the options.

While keeping your applications updated is always a wise decision, you should not update your operating systems on the fly. According to the technicians of the MacBook repair shop, even though rare, some of the updates of the iOS as well as macOS can create a problem for the device. Better keep the automatic update off, and save yourself from going under the bleeding blade.

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